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Snowy Winter Season at Bright Morning Inn!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

December at our Davis bed and breakfast means time to pull out the Christmas lights and stock up on salt — sidewalk salt, the kind that sits in sacks by the door to be sprinkled on nearby walkways. In snow country, plain old salt isn’t enough. Every year the town merchants collect money to pay someone to actually blow the snow out of the way, and this year it will be Tyler Elliott’s job. Once the snow flies, and it could be anytime really, Tyler will cut a swath down the two blocks of our main street, and keep it clear until spring. It’s miserable work, but not thankless. Every morning, as we walk down the cleared trench to the post office, we will think of Tyler and silently thank him for keeping the path clear and safe.

Cozy Restaurants in Davis, West Virginia

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

In a place where winters are fierce, like this place, cozy is good. And Davis, WV has some of the coziest eateries around. In fact the Inn is surrounded by three of the best restaurants in the region – all within easy walking distance. On our right is Sirianni’s Café, which may be West Virginia’s most beloved pizza joint. It’s an institution, with fresh tasty salads, innovative pasta dishes and fresh and creative pizza choices. Across the street is Hellbender’s Burritos, with giant build your own burritos, lots of specialty burritos and homemade appetizers and desserts. On our left is Muttley’s Steakhouse, home of the $1.09/oz steak dinner on Thursdays and similar deals on Tuesdays. As for breakfast, the hands down winner is the Inn’s own restaurant, which is open to the public and rocks on weekends. The food is fresh, choices ample, and the best part: overnight guests eat for free!